About Us

We are owned by the same company as Kaabo UK and The E-Scooter Co. and we are one of the largest e-scooter importers, retailers and distributors in Europe. We now have a warehouse and operation in Spain to service our EU customers.

About Kaabo
Kaabo was founded in 2013. Kaabo specialises in great quality and service. Leading China's short-haul transportation industry, all products are developed independently by themselves. Kaabo's priority is safety and environmental protection, based on a global industrial vision. Kaabo is committed to creating innovative products that are suitable for different environments. 

About the product
Kaabo manufactures electric scooters and high quality accessories at affordable prices.
Each Kaabo model has been handcrafted to give a real freedom to the scooter. Ride the road or across a field that would be impossible with a normal scooter - the Kaabo scooter pushes the limits.